STO-CSCO 国际专场 Joint Symposium 2019

Cancer Immunotherapy – Fulfilling the Promise
癌症免疫治疗 - 实现承诺

Afternoon Session, September 20, CSCO Annual Meeting
(1-D Room, 1st Floor, Xiamen International Conference Center Hotel)
(1-D会议室, 厦门国际会议中心酒店一层, 2019-09-20)

Designed for cancer patient care as well as the clinical research community, the STO-CSCO Joint Symposium focuses on recent advances in immuno-oncology and offers insights into their clinical applications.

For CSCO members looking for a foundational but comprehensive understanding of immunology, the meeting helps to contextualize the educational content by addressing current challenges, including the assessment of response and progression and the management of toxicity, and illustrating the role of immunotherapy with real-world data.

This symposium encourages open dialogue and provides a networking opportunity for faculty members and attendees to engage.

Jin Li, MD
李进 教授

President, Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO)
中国临床肿瘤学会(CSCO) 理事长
Martin J. Murphy, DMedSc, PhD, FASCO
马丁·墨菲 博士

Founder & Convener, Society for Translational Oncology (STO),
CSCO Steering Committee Member

01:30 – 02:00 Immuno-Oncology – Understanding the Differences between East and West
肿瘤免疫治疗 – 东西方的经验和理解

Evan W. Newell, PhD
Associate Member, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
02:00 – 02:30 Immunotherapy in China: Challenges and Opportunities

Lu Shun, MD, PhD
陆舜 教授
Director General, Oncology Department, Shanghai Chest Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University

02:30 – 03:00 Patient Access to Cancer Immunotherapy: Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Perspective

Giovanni Tafuri, PhD
Senior Scientific Officer, European Network for Health Technology Assessment (EUnetHTA)
03:00 – 03:30 Developing China's Cancer Immunotherapy Industry: Collaboration and Promise

Richard Wang, PhD, MBA
王立群 博士
Chief Executive Officer, Fosun Kite Biotechnology
03:30 – 04:00 Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapy in Europe

Robert Hawkins, MA, MB, BS, PhD, FRCP
Chief Executive Officer, Immetacyte Honorary Professor of Medical Oncology, University of Manchester

04:00 – 04:30 Regulatory Perspective: Challenges and Opportunities for the Use of Imaging Data in Immuno-Oncology Drug Development

Qi Liu, PhD
刘琦 博士
Clinical Pharmacology Team Leader, Division of Clinical Pharmacology V, Office of Clinical Pharmacology, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), FDA
04:30 – 05:00 CAR T-Cell Therapy Landscape in the United States and China: Challenges of Sustainability and Regulation
美国和中国CAR-T细胞治疗的现状 - 监管的挑战

Gao Jianchao, MD
高建超 博士
Center for Drug Evaluation, National Medical Products Administration (NMPA)

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2019 STO-CSCO Speakers
国际专场 讲者简历

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Evan W. Newell,
Shun Lu,
陆舜 教授
Giovanni Tafuri,
Richard Wang,
王立群 博士
Robert Hawkins,
Qi Liu,
刘琦 博士
Gao Jianchao,
高建超 博士

Jin Li, MD
李进 教授

Director General, Oncology Department, East Hospital TongJi University, Chairman, Federation of Asian Clinical Oncology, President, Chinese Society for Clinical Oncology, Secretary-General, CSCO Foundation

Prof. Li Jin, chief physician, professor. He was graduated with bachelor’s degree from Southeast University, Nanjing, master’s degree in Gynecological Oncology and Ph.D degree from the Second Military Medical University, Shanghai. He is also a post-doctor and visiting scholar to the Yale School of Medicine.

Prof. Li also serves as the President of the Federation of Asian Clinical Oncology, President of the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology, Secretary-General of Beijing Xisike Clinical Oncology Research Foundation, Vice President of the Experts Committee on Colorectal Cancer of Chinese Medical Doctor Association.

Prof. Li is an expert at oncology (clinical practice and experimental research of oncology biological-chemical treatment), and is the editor-in-chief or member of editorial board for several academic journals. He has published nearly 100 papers as the first author or correspondent, and has led nearly 100 multi-centre clinical trials as principle investigator.

李进,主任医师、教授、博士生导师。毕业于南京东南大学医学院,在上海第二军医大学 获得妇科肿瘤学专业硕士学位,内科学博士学位,是美国耶鲁大学医学院的博士后及访问科学家。专业职务包括:亚洲肿瘤联盟主席,中国临床肿瘤学会理事长,中国临床肿瘤学会药物安全专委会主任委员,北京希斯科肿瘤临床研究基金会秘书长,中国医师协会结直肠癌专业委员会副主任委员等。专业特长为肿瘤学(肿瘤生物-化学治疗的临床实践和实验研究),担任多本学术期刊的主编或编委,近年来以第一作者和通讯作者发表学术论文近百篇,并作为主要研究者领导进行了国内国际单中心多中心临床试验总计近百项。1991年以来获得全军,上海市及全国各类奖项十数项,2016年以第三作者 “结直肠癌个体化治疗策略创新与应用” 获得国家科技进步奖二等奖,促进和提高了国内肿瘤的临床治疗和科研水平。

Martin J. Murphy, DMedSc, PhD, FASCO

Founder & Convener, Society for Translational Oncology (STO) Founder & Deputy Editor, The Oncologist® Chief Executive Officer, CEO Roundtable on Cancer

Dr. Murphy is Steering Committee Member and Senior Consultant of the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO). And he was founder and former CEO of the Hipple Cancer Research Center, and the co-founder of the Society for Translational Oncology. He is a member of the National Cancer Policy Forum of The Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the United States National Academy of Sciences and director of the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health. He is Chairman Emeritus of the Conquer Cancer Foundation of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). He also authored more than 150 peer-reviewed papers.

Dr. Martin J. Murphy is also the Founding Executive Editor of the 24-year-old peer-reviewed journal, The Oncologist; he is also the Founding Executive Editor of both STEM CELLS, a 37-year-old journal of stem cell biology, and of the 8-year-old journal, STEM CELLS Translational Medicine.

In recently years, Dr. Murphy contribute more time to global cancer prevention and treatment as the CEO of CEO Roundtable on Cancer, which is not only focus on the workplace wellness culture and improvement of workplace health level to fight again chronic diseases including cancer, but also establish the Project Data Sphere to enhance the sharing and utilization of oncology clinical trials to support research and development.

墨菲博士是CSCO指导委员会委员,高级顾问。他创立了美国希波癌症研究中心(Hipple Cancer Research Center),也是美国肿瘤转化研究学会(STO)共同创始人。墨菲博士是美国国家医学科学院全国肿瘤政策论坛成员,美国国家卫生研究院基金会的理事,ASCO征服癌症基金会荣誉主席。他曾发表超过150篇专业论文。 墨菲博士还是一位活跃的医学出版人,他参与创立的同行评议杂志包括《肿瘤学家》(Oncologist),《干细胞》(STEM CELLS),《干细胞转化医学》(STEM CELLS Translational Medicine)。 墨菲博士近年把大量时间花在全球肿瘤预防和治疗的公益事业,作为美国防癌抗癌总裁圆桌会(CEO Roundtable on Cancer)的首席执行官,不仅致力于创建工作场所的健康文化,提升工作场所健康水准以对抗癌症等慢性疾病,并开创了Project Data Sphere提升肿瘤III期临床试验的共享和利用,和监管机构一起提高研发和监管效率 。

Evan W. Newell, PhD

Associate Member, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, USA

Dr. Evan Newell is an immunologist who employs new technologies for identifying specific, accurate biological signatures of human health and disease, including cancer. His search for these biomarkers is focused on antigens, a wide variety of small proteins recognized by immune cells called Tcells. The shape of these antigens on cell surfaces help T-cells determine if something is foreign, abnormal or potentially dangerous. Dr. Newell’s team is cataloging the different ways in which T cell respond to different antigens, particularly those associated with cancer cells.

Recruited from Singapore as a global leader in T-cell science by Fred Hutch, he's working to unravel the many mysteries of T cells.

Research Interests: Human T cell immunology; Development and application of novel methods for identifying and characterizing antigen specific T cells in the context of cancer and chronic infection with the goal of identifying specific and accurate biomarkers of human health and disease based on antigen-specific T cells.


Shun Lu, MD, PhD
陆舜 教授

Vice President, CSCO Foundation Director General, Oncology Department, Shanghai Chest Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University

Leading medical talents and outstanding academic leaders in Shanghai. He studied oncology in the United States, Israel and other countries. He focuses on the latest advances in the field of lung cancer and he has high attainments in early diagnosis, comprehensive treatment and Transformation Research of lung cancer. He leads several national and Shanghai scientific research fund projects. He works in the International Affairs Department of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), also he is chairman of the Lung Cancer Committee of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, Executive Director of the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO), vice-president of CSCO Foundation, Executive Director Shanghai Medical Association Oncology Society. He also serves as Associate Editor of Journal of Thoracic Oncology and Editorial Board member of other famous international Journals such as The Oncologist.

主任医师,教授,博士研究生导师,是上海市医学领军人才,上海市优秀学术带头人。曾赴美国,以色列等国进修肿瘤学专业。专注于国内外肺癌内科最新进展,对肺癌的早期诊断,综合治疗及转化性研究均有较高造诣。参加和承担多项国家级、上海市科研基金项目。任美国临床肿瘤学会(ASCO)国际事务部委员,中国抗癌协会肺癌专业委员会主任委员、中国临床肿瘤学会(CSCO)常务理事、希思科基金会 副理事长、上海市医学会肿瘤学会主任委员等学术职务,还担任国际肺癌研究会官方杂志Journal of Thoracic Oncology副主编,The Oncologist 等国际期刊编委。

Giovanni Tafuri, PhD

Senior Scientific Officer, European Network for Health Technology Assessment (EUnetHTA)

Giovanni Tafuri is the Senior Scientific Officer of the European Network for Health Technology Assessment (EUnetHTA) at the EUnetHTA Secretariat in the Netherlands. Prior to his appointment, he worked at both the HTA and the regulatory division of the Italian Medicines Agency (2006-2018) and as Seconded National Expert in Scientific Advice at the European Medicines Agency in London (2015-2017). He is a pharmacist, MSc in “International Health Care Management, Economics and Policy” (Bocconi University), PhD in “Pharmaceutical Policy and Regulation” (University of Utrecht) and held research positions at different national and international institutions (World Health Organization, Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, Italian National Institute of Health).

乔瓦尼·塔芙里博士是欧洲卫生技术评估网络( EUnetHTA )的高级科学官员。在被任命之前,他曾在HTA和意大利药品管理局监管部门(2006-2018年)工作,并在伦敦的欧洲药品管理局(2015-2017年)担任国家科学咨询专家。

塔芙里博士是一名药剂师,“国际卫生保健管理、经济与政策”(博科尼大学)理学硕士,“药物政策与法规”(乌得勒支大学)博士,并在不同的国家和国际机构担任研究职位(世界卫生组织, Mario Negri药理学研究所,意大利国立卫生研究所)。

Richard Wang, PhD, MBA
王立群 博士

Chief Executive Officer, Fosun Kite Biotechnology

Richard received degrees of B.S of Cell Biology from the University of Science & Technology of China, Ph.D. of Molecular Biology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore and MBA from Xavier University, Cincinnati in the US. He obtained his post-doctoral training at the National Institutes of Health, Baltimore, USA.

Richard now is the CEO of Fosun Kite Biotechnology. Taking a combined approach of internal R&D and external partnering/technology transfer, Fosun Kite is dedicated to the advancement of innovative cell therapy and its industrialization in China to benefit patients. Richard is very experienced in biopharmaceutical industry. Having spent close to 20 years in R&D and management positions in both US and China, he has taken senior roles and increasing leadership responsibilities in Procter & Gamble Pharmaceutical, Bristol-Myers Squibb in the US, AstraZeneca Innovation Center and GSK R&D Center in China. Prior to Fosun Kite, Richard was the COO of Cellular Biomedicine Group (NASDAQ: CBMG), where he was in charge of company’s immunotherapy pipeline including manufacturing, clinical development and registration, and the stem cell business unit.

中国科学技术大学细胞生物学学士,美国马里兰大学巴尔的摩分校分子生物学博士,以及辛辛那提萨维尔大学工商硕士,美国立健康研究院 (NIH)博士后。现任复星凯特生物科技有限公司总裁。公司立足于自主研发和技术转移相结合,致力于肿瘤免疫细胞治疗技术(CAR-T/TCR-T)在中国的产业化和规范化,造福中国患者。


Robert Hawkins, MA, MB, BS, PhD, FRCP

Chief Executive Officer, Immetacyte Honorary Professor of Medical Oncology, University of Manchester

After a degree in mathematics from Trinity College, Cambridge and studying Medicine at Cambridge and University College London, he undertook clinical training in Medical Oncology at the Royal Marsden Hospital and Addenbrookes Hospital. He subsequently undertook a PhD in Cambridge.

As Cancer Research UK Senior Clinical Fellow, he developed translational research interests in antibody-based gene therapy and adoptive cell therapy. Clinically, Professor Hawkins focused on development of immunotherapies for kidney and other cancers and led kidney cancer trials and also a range of early phase clinical trials of biological agents including vaccines, antibodies and cellular therapy. He also led a group undertaking translational research into immunotherapy of cancer with a focus on adoptive cell therapy.

For pre-clinical research, he has developed a GMP cell therapy unit which has subsequently developed into an independent spinout company (Immetacyte Ltd) focused on the development of adoptive cell therapy. He has also been the coordinator of several major EU consortia. He has published widely in scientific and clinical journals and is an inventor/co-inventor on several antibody and cell therapy related patents.


Qi Liu, PhD
刘琦 博士

Team leader, Office of Clinical Pharmacology (OCP), CDER, FDA

Dr. Qi Liu is a team leader in the Office of Clinical Pharmacology (OCP), CDER,FDA. During her 12-year career at the FDA, Qi contributed to over 200 NDA / sNDA reviews, 20 BLA/sBLA reviews, and numerous IND reviews to support oncology drug development. She co-authored about 30 manuscripts and presented on many topics at FDA Advisory Committee meetings and national conferences. She worked on several working groups for FDA guidance documents and Manual of Policies & Procedures (MAPP) development. She is the vice chair of the OCP Biologics Oversight Board.

Before joining FDA, Qi was a senior pharmacokineticist at Merck & Co. Inc.

Qi is interested in the application of clinical pharmacology principles, innovative tools (e.g., modeling/simulation, machine learning), big data and real world evidence to facilitate drug development and advance precision medicine.

刘琦博士是美国食品药品管理局(FDA)临床药理办公室的一位组长,在FDA工作了12年,参加了200多个新药申请的评审。她发表了30多篇文章并在FDA顾问委员会会议和各种学术会议多次做报告。她参与制订了多个FDA指南以及政策和流程手册。她兼任FDA临床药理办公室生物药监管委员会副主席。在加入FDA之前, 她在默克公司任资深药代动力学家。刘琦博士的研究兴趣包括应用临床药理学的原则,创兴的工具(譬如数学模型,机器学习),大数据和真实世界证据,来帮助药物开发和精准医疗。

Gao Jianchao, MD
高建超 博士

Team leader, Office of Clinical Pharmacology (OCP), CDER, FDA

Gao received his M.D. degree of tumor biology from Peking University Health Science Center. He is serving as a Lead Reviewer in the Office of Clinical Evaluation of Biological Products, CDE, NMPA. As a clinical and synthetic reviewer of cellular and gene therapy products, he contributed to the evaluation of most cellular and gene therapeutic applications submitted.

He carries out the research on regulatory science and evaluation techniques of cellular and gene therapeutic products, and drafts guidance for the clinical evaluation in this area. He is an expert in the ICH working groups and participates in the discussion and implementation of clinical guidelines in China. He has worked in the Center for Drug Re-evaluation Center of NMPA and engaged in pharmacovigilance and post-marketing safety evaluation, and has rich experience in pre-marketing and post-marketing evaluation and administration of medicines.


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