STO-CSCO Joint Symposium 2018

Cancer Immunotherapy at the Crossroads - Principles and Practices
International Multifunctional Hall 3, September 22, 2018
(Xiamen International Conference Center Hotel)

Professor QIN Shukui, President, Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology Foundation
Professor Martin J. Murphy, Convener , STO & Steering Committee Member, Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO)

Designed for cancer care and research community, the 2018 STO-CSCO Joint Symposium focuses on clinical advances in immuno-oncology and offers new experience and insights on the clinical application of immunotherapy. For CSCO members looking for a foundational but comprehensive understanding of immunology, the meeting will be served by outstanding faculties to contextualize the educational content for clinical application.

Keynote Lectures will be given by renowned experts, as well as the young rising star on exciting topics including the assessment of response and progression, and the management of toxicity

The symposium integrates the knowledge with real-life examples and specifically illustrates the role that immunotherapy plays from discovery to approvals and beyond. It encourages creative thinking in addressing current challenges. Faculties will also be glad to share their insights via unique opportunities in robust networking, open dialogue, and engagement with faculty members and other attendees.

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