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Recent Translated Articles from The Oncologist

Volume 22, Number 1, January 2017

Global Health and Cancer

Chemotherapy Near the End of Life for Chinese Patients with Solid Malignancies
Jin Sheng, Ya‐Xiong Zhang, Xiao‐Bo He, Wen‐Feng Fang, Yun‐Peng Yang, Gui‐Nan Lin, Xuan Wu, Ning Li, Jing Zhang, Lin‐Zhu Zhai, Yuan‐Yuan Zhao, Yan Huang, Ning‐Ning Zhou, Hong‐Yun Zhao, Li Zhang
The Oncologist 2017; 22:53-60; first published on October 27, 2016; doi:10.1634/theoncologist.2016-0013

Mixed Responses to Systemic Therapy Revealed Potential Genetic Heterogeneity and Poor Survival in Patients with Non‐Small Cell Lung Cancer
Zhong‐Yi Dong, Hao‐Ran Zhai, Qing‐Yi Hou, Jian Su, Si‐Yang Liu, Hong‐Hong Yan, Yang‐Si Li, Zhi‐Yong Chen, Wen‐Zhao Zhong, Yi‐Long Wu
The Oncologist 2017; 22:61-69; doi:10.1634/theoncologist.2016-0150

Volume 21, Number 12, December 2016

Clinical Trial Results

Phase II Trial of Abiraterone Acetate Plus Prednisone in Black Men With Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Che-Kai Tsao, John Sfakianos, Bobby Liaw, Kiev Gimpel-Tetra, Margaret Kemeny, Linda Bulone, Mohammad Shahin, William Kyu Oh, Matthew David Galsky
The Oncologist 2016; 21:1414-e9; first published on October 14, 2016; doi:10.1634/theoncologist.2016-0026

Randomized Phase II Study of Cabazitaxel Versus Methotrexate in Patients With Recurrent and/or Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck Previously Treated With Platinum-Based Therapy
Jean-Pascal Machiels, Aline Van Maanen, Jean-Marie Vandenbulcke, Bertrand Filleul, Emmanuel Seront, Stéphanie Henry, Lionel D’Hondt, Christophe Lonchay, Stéphane Holbrechts, Petra Boegner, Dany Brohee, Didier Dequanter, Ingrid Louviaux, Brieuc Sautois, Nicolas Whenham, Guy Berchem, Brigitte Vanderschueren, Christel Fontaine, Sandra Schmitz, Aline Gillain, Joelle Schoonjans, Sylvie Rottey
The Oncologist 2016; 21:1416-e17; first published on November 30, 2016; doi:10.1634/theoncologist.2016-0296

Head and Neck Cancers

Acupuncture for Chemoradiation Therapy-Related Dysphagia in Head and Neck Cancer: A Pilot Randomized Sham-Controlled Trial
Weidong Lu, Peter M. Wayne, Roger B. Davis, Julie E. Buring, Hailun Li, Eric A. Macklin, Jochen H. Lorch, Elaine Burke, Tyler C. Haddad, Laura A. Goguen, David S. Rosenthal, Roy B. Tishler, Marshall R. Posner, Robert I. Haddad
The Oncologist 2016; 21:1522-1529; first published on August 10, 2016; doi:10.1634/theoncologist.2015-0538


Is Salvage Liver Resection Necessary for Initially Unresectable Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients Downstaged by Transarterial Chemoembolization? Ten Years of Experience
Yingqiang Zhang, Guihua Huang, Yu Wang, Lijian Liang, Baogang Peng, Wenzhe Fan, Jianyong Yang, Yonghui Huang, Wang Yao, Jiaping Li
The Oncologist 2016; 21:1442-1449; first published on August 2, 2016; doi:10.1634/theoncologist.2016-0094

Lung Cancer

Targeting the KRAS Pathway in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Pascale Tomasini, Preet Walia, Catherine Labbe, Kevin Jao, Natasha B. Leighl
The Oncologist 2016; 21:1450-1460; first published on November 2, 2016; doi:10.1634/theoncologist.2015-0084

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